Sandvik NanoflexTM

The ultra high-strength material based on nanotechnology

By cooperating with Sandvik, Olimpia Inox will begin in the near future the production and supply of welded pipes made from material Nanoflex, the ultra resistant steel based on nanotechnology.

The exceptional resistance and hardness of Sandvik Nanoflex allows the use of thin material which leads to a reduction in weight. For some applications, Sandvik Nanoflex can be compared to titanium or aluminium.

The good corrosion and wear resistance of Sandvik Nanoflex keeps life-cycle costs low.

The use of welded tubes made of Sandvik Nanoflex material, in alternative to traditional stainless steel pipes, aluminium and titanium, is possible thanks to the following characteristics: excellent mechanical strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance, formability and high dimensional stability after heat treatment, the wear resistance. All this allows application of thinner thickness than other materials.

MARCHIO-SANDVIKOlimpia Inox will produce in the next future welded tubes made with the material Sandvik Nanoflex, for application in various sectors such as aerospace and automotive.